Monday, September 27, 2010


This is Spermhitler. Spermhitler has a tendency to say NOO!! This is a character our friend made during our owl project. I miss him!

Owl project at school

Me, my girlfriend and a friend of ours made an owl for a project called Elvelangs at school. Elvelangs is an event in Oslo where people walk along a river called akerselva. It goes past our school. So our first project at school was to make something for this. It was a mess, nobody knew what to do, so we just asked our principal if we could make an owl, and our principal said it was ok.

The Principal wants to keep it in the tree permanently. So we are very psyched on that. Elvelangs was one night only and was last Thursday. Last pictures are crap, but I was drunk at that point.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ruff weekend

I've been away since Friday. Me and the misses went out with some friends and ended up drinking. So we stayed the night at our friends place. Her dog kept licking me in the face and walking over me the entire night, and I when I woke up he had eaten my shoe. I felt horrible when I woke up. I didn't understand what was wrong. I had only had about 5 beers maybe. I had to go back to our place and get my Gallows tickets and some other stash. Yes, I saw Gallows last night! It was fucking insane! I got kicked in the face, a friend ended up at the emergency room because of his neck, the ceiling was ripped, serious stage diving was taking place, circle pits, human pyramid, the floor was full of broken glass and people where soaking wet. It was one of the best shows ever! Afterwards we went out drinking, talked to some members of Gallows, went out for more beer and food, and then we went home to sleep. I was fucking tired and sore. We stayed yet another night ate our friends place. Upon sleepy time I took of my clothes and noticed cuts on my stomach and some pretty banged up legs. It was a fucking night to remember. Like Frank Carter (Vocalist Gallows) said: ''Seriously, check if there is anyone dead on the fucking floor'' - I can't really quute him on it, because I don't remember exactly what he said, but it was something like that. Hehe.

Today, the day after Gallows, we went out for the markets spread out through Oslo. Which is every sunday. We didn't find anything special, but it was fun just looking around. Then we ate at some Vegetarian tandoori curry thing and went home. Now I'm fucking tired and need some rest. I'm sore as hell. May play some MW2 in a minute.

First follower. Thank you Poppy Kohlberg :)

Btw. I didn't have my camera with me this weekend, which is a shame. But here is a picture from the Gallows show, which my friend Erik took.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hey ya'll

Hi everyone out in the cybernetic realm. This is my first post on my new blog, I used to talk drunk talk on this blog:
I haven't written anything there in a very long time, and the reason is that I hit a big bump in the road and couldn't recover enough to go back to it, so this is my fresh start in the blogging world. This blog will just be a random blog about how a bearded man slips trough life with all the sores and scrapes, but also the good times.

Yesterday when I got home from work, hungover, I was met with a smile from my girlfriend, she had cleaned the whole place. I also found one of the cats stretched out on a blanket on the sofa. I was hungover because we where at a festival and saw Iggy & The Stooges. A amazing live act, the energy was intense. I want to see them again, but I'm so happy, because I never thought I would see them.

Well, that's a start. I need to get some proper ''design'' on this site, but hope you'll cope with this for a little while.

Oh, and I bought this Thomas Hooper t-shirt.

Btw, I'm Patrick, I'm 23. I roam the satanic forests of Norway.